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Here is my collection of my favorite resources for game masters and worldbuilders.


  • Players Handbook Style Guide

    A great tool for remembering how different bits of terminology works in 5e D&D.


  • Resources for World-Builders

    A great collection of historical data from A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry. Great for building realistic worlds!


  • Major Injury Table

    Some interesting combat mechanics to make major injuries more impactful

    HomebrewRoll Table

  • Homebrewery

    Create homebrew content that looks like it was pulled from the pages of the Player's Handbook.


  • Doodlegrid

    Quickly visualize battle maps for your players.

    MapsVisualizationsBattleVirtual Tabletop

  • Owlbear Rodeo

    Quick D&D maps and tokens

    MapsBattleVirtual Tabletop

  • Dungeon Draft

    Create great looking D&D battle maps quickly

    MapsStyleDungeon Map

  • Azgaar's Map Generator

    Generate a map with cities, countries, factions, and more. Everything you could ever need to get started with a full world.

    MapsWorldbuildingWorld Map

  • One-page Dungeon Generator

    Generator a dungeon quickly. Perfect for when you aren't prepared for someone to enter that cave.

    MapsBattleDungeon Map

  • Auto Roll Tables

    Roll tables for anything you could want

    GeneratorRoll Table

  • DunGen

    A high resolution dungeon generator for using in VTTs

    GeneratorDungeon Map

  • Kenku FM

    A pay-what-you-want tool for sharing TTRPG audio through Discord.


  • Token Stamp

    A tool from Roll Advantage that allows you to generate tokens for your VTT using whatever art you want.

    Virtual TabletopToken

  • Donjon

    A classic generator site with basically any generator you could ever want


  • /r/d100 Reddit

    User-made d100 tables for anything you could ever want.

    TablesRoll Table

  • Tetra-cube Statblock generator

    Make a good looking stat-block for your monsters and NPCs.


  • DM.tools

    Tools for dungeon masters, like an initiative tracker, 3d dice roller, and dungeon generator

    CombatRunning the Game

  • Role Generator

    Tools and random generators for game masters. All kinds of good generators

    GeneratorRunning the Game

  • Fantasy Calendar

    Create great looking calendars for your world.


  • D&D Compendium

    Another collection of great D&D resources

    MetaList of Lists

  • Them's Fightin Words

    A collections of words for describing different kinds of D&D 5e damage

    Running the GameTablesGenerator

  • Money Loot Generator

    Generate a simple gold, silver, and copper breakdown for loot.

    Running the GameGenerator

  • Wonderdraft

    Draw great looking world maps with intuitive, simple tools.

    World MapMapsVisualizations

  • Foundry VTT Basics

    A playlist of Youtube videos explaining Foundry VTT basics

    Virtual TabletopPlaylistVideo

  • Foundry VTT Module Guides

    A playlist of Youtube videos explaining different Foundry VTT modules, what they do, and how to use them.

    Virtual TabletopPlaylistVideo

  • Foundry VTT General

    A playlist of Youtube videos about using Foundry VTT

    Virtual TabletopPlaylistVideo