Freedom and safety for everyone, everywhere, for all time.

HasBeenWizards produces TTRPGs and tools that sometimes tread into the domain of horror, futuristic worlds, or history and culture. Those domains, and many others, are often reflections of our world and, because of this, are often reflections of the deep wounds caused by racist, sexist, classist, and homophobic violence and disenfranchisement.

HasBeenWizards is committed to fighting normative violence, fascism, colonialism, and white supremecy in all of its forms. We're committed to rejecting the capitalist structure and its abusive outlook on human work in relation to work, productivity, and ownership.

We aggressively and vocally oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism, ethnocentrism, religious fundamentalism, and oppresive and coercive power structures of all kinds.

Wording and ideas borrowed from Rek Bell and Blood and Dust